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ZENCASH Overview

ZEN, a derivative of ZClassic, focuses on "private and reliable transactions, communications, and publishing." They claim to be the "world's first private, distributed, and reliable platform" in those areas.

Secure nodes, distributed globally, provide a resilient network for fully encrypted activity.

The project also retains 8.5% of each block reward for operational costs such as infrastructure, development, and marketing. Similarly, 3.5% is distributed to secure Zencash node operators to incentivize network growth and community involvement.

Zen's private messaging capabilities, integrated with IPFS, allow for communication of any size or type of information across a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol.

If you are interested in the ZenCash roadmap, check out this blog post. The team lists details on their 2017 accomplishments and goes into 2018, the "Year of Expansion". Among the 2018 plans are exchange listing expansion, R&D, hardware wallet integration, an iOS app, secure nodes, and more.

ZENCASH Exchanges

This ZEN exchange list is not exhaustive and only includes (up to) the top 10 exchanges with some or decent volume, listed top to bottom, left to right. 

ZEN Resources


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Recommended Zencash Miner (Windows)
AMD - Claymore's ZCash/BTG GPU Miner
NVIDIA - EWBF's CUDA Zcash Miner


Recommended ZEN Mining Pool
(Ours, of course!)