ZClassic Mining Pool

Good zclassic mining pools are hard to find - we hope we deliver for you!

ZCL has hard-forked to BTCP. Our ZCL pool is (at least temporarily) disabled. Click the button below to mine BTCP

ZCL runs on the Equihash algorithm (usually, but not always, best mined using NVidia GPUs). To get a good idea of what your mining rig might be able to earn on ZClassic and other coins, we recommend entering your GPUs and power costs over on WhatToMine and comparing potential earnings for the different cryptocurrencies.

ZClassic Overview

Forked from ZCash, ZClassic has removed the 20% fee and slow start, creating a higher-reward coin where the market dictates the price. The team touts financial freedom and pitches the coin as equity, with no censorship and no governing body.

Regarding privacy, ZClassic uses the same trusted parameters as ZCash.

You can learn more about ZClassic on their website, and keep up with them on social media via their Twitter page.

ZClassic Exchanges

This list is not exhaustive and only includes (up to) the top 10 exchanges with some or decent volume, listed top to bottom, left to right. 

ZClassic Resources

ZClassic Wallets


Recommended ZClassic Miner (Windows)
AMD - Claymore's ZCash/BTG GPU Miner


Recommended ZCL Mining Pool
(Ours, of course!)