Installing AGAMA Wallet for KMD and Other Cryptocurrencies

Agama / KMD Wallet Installation Instructions

Also works with several other cryptocurrencies

**Never mine to an exchange wallet**

Use the current Agama wallet, available here:

  1. Download and install the wallet
  2. Once installed, navigate to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Komodo on your computer
  3. Open “Komodo.conf”
  4. At the end of the file, ensure that there is a line with maxconnections=10. If not, add it.
  5. Save the file and close.
  6. Open the Agama wallet and generate a new seed for login credentials.
  7. Make sure to write down the seed. This seed will access all addresses in your Agama wallet.
  8. After you log in, select Komodo, Native Mode, and Activate coin.
  9. The KMD blockchain will begin to sync. This process will take several hours to download and index. Do not close app or restart computer during sync, else the download will restart at 0%.
  10. After the KMD blockchain fully syncs, activate any other coins you want. If you want to have the blockchain on your computer for faster trading, etc, use Native mode. Otherwise, Electrum/lite mode will work as well. If you are using BarterDEX, you will want to use Native and import your BarterDEX seed/phrase into each coin to sync your BarterDEX addresses. The Agama wallet will hold all activated addresses under the single seed/passphrase.

Agama Wallet Notes:

  • You can mine to your Agama wallet address before the sync/scan is complete. You will still own all mined coin.
  • Never share your private key with anyone.
  • Your Agama seed/passphrase can be used for BarterDEX also. This will connect your Agama wallet to BarterDEX exchange, so you do not need to transfer to the exchange like other exchanges (e.g. Cryptopia).
  • If you have KMD coin at another address, select “Import Key” in the Agama wallet and enter your seed from the other address. The coin will be imported into your current seed/address.
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