HUSH Mining Pool

You need a good Hush mining pool, and you deserve one, too!

HUSH Overview

An implementation of the Zerocash protocal, Hush is a zero knowledge core privacy coin with private messaging (Hush Messenger and HushList) and a Counterparty Port for public and private asset issuance.

The team prides itself on the technology, along with supporting developers and miners.

On their website, they tout the "most secure and advanced privacy coin ever created" due to their implementation of zkSNARK, TLS, TOR nodes, and bitcore.

To learn more about HUSH, the team, and their technology, visit their website and follow them on Twitter.

HUSH Exchanges

This HUSH exchange list is not exhaustive and only includes (up to) the top 10 exchanges with some or decent volume, listed top to bottom, left to right. 

HUSH Resources