How to Trade on BarterDEX – Demo Video & Sample Trades

Barterdex, Beer, Pizza, and KMD

BarterDEX, by Komodo Platform, is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange/auction that (once 100% finished) will allow users to skip the big exchanges, and the fees that come along with them, and do peer-to-peer trading!

It is still early, but the Komodo team has been running tests, including a BEER/PIZZA test with test BEER and PIZZA coins, and a BEER/KMD test where they actually seeded the platform with KMD “sellers” and let the community exchange BEER for real KMD. It was cool, and frustrating, and fun.

The platform itself is not ready for mainstream exchanging/trading, primarily due to some UX (user experience) tweaks that need to be made, as well as the ever so confusing “UTXO”, which may have brought you here in the first place.

Anyway, we have high hopes for the platform and have made a demo video that will (hopefully) help you get started. It demonstrates the platform, including a brief intro on how to get it running, and runs all the way through a few trades (to show you how long they take, etc). Enjoy!


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