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Bitcoin Gold Overview

The Bitcoin Gold cryptocurrency focuses on decentralized mining, via the Equihash proof-of-work algorithm, fair distribution, replay protection, and open source transparency.

BTG has the same supply as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (21 Million), but differs because it uses proof of work via Equihash, so normal users can mine with GPU miners rather than needing specialized ASIC miners like the big BTC shops. Block intervals are also the same as the other two cryptocurrencies (10 minutes). Block size is the same as bitcoin, but different from Bitcoin Cash. BTG also adjusts difficulty every block, rather than every two weeks like the others.

The Bitcoin Gold team states that the purpose of the currency is to "make Bitcoin mining decentralied again" by moving away from SHA256 and allowing more users to have access to the opportunity to mine it.

For more information about BTG, visit their website. Specifically, check out their FAQ page and blog! For Bitcoing Gold mining, give Cloud Pools a try!

BTG Exchanges

This list is not exhaustive and only includes (up to) the top 10 exchanges with some or decent volume, listed top to bottom, left to right. 

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Recommended Bitcoin Gold Miner (Windows)
AMD - Claymore's BTG Miner
NVIDIA - EWBF Miner BTG Edition


Recommended BTG Mining Pool
(Ours, of course!)
Bitcoin Gold Mining Pool

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